Danh sách nguồn tài liệu, tài nguyên hỗ trợ thiết kế logo và thương hiệu

As a professional logo designer, I’ve gathered a number of resources over the years, which I have curated below.

I present to you, the best logo design resources on the web!

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  • Tutorials
  • Software
  • Communities
  • Books
  • Briefs
  • Inspiration
  • Awards
  • Blogs
  • Fonts
  • Mockups
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You can find graphic design resources here.

Learn Logo Design:

Looking to learn logo design? Here is the best logo design course online:



LogoCore Masterclass

These are two other great places to find logo design courses & classes online:

Logo Design Tutorials

Don’t want to take a full course? Follow these tutorials to help you get more familiar with vectors.

Logo Design Software

The tools you will need to create a vector logo.

Logo Design Communities

Online communities that share feedback, tips, news and resources on logo design.

  • JUST Logos – Our closed Facebook community focused purely on logos & branding
  • Logo Geek – Closed Facebook Group

Logo Design Books

Some logo design books that I highly recommend.

Logo Design Briefs

Fictional logo briefs to help you practice your craft.

Logo Design Inspiration

Galleries for logo design inspiration.

Logo Design Awards

Get the recognition you deserve.

Logo Design Blogs

The best logo design blogs on the internet.

Font Resources

Type plays a huge role in logo design. These are my go-to font resources:


To show your logos in context, it’s useful to have some mockups on hand.

Interviews & Podcasts

Learn while on the go.


Want more logo design clients & exposure? Share your work on these sites:

Logo Design Trends

Keep up with the latest logo design trends:

Branding Style Guides

Keep your brand in order with a style guide.

Logo Design Resources & Articles

Below you will find some great logo design articles.